​Welcome, i am Andrea, a certified Reiki Master, intuitive sound practitioner, experienced space holder, cacao medicine carrier, breath training facilitator, conscious dance event producer and retreat facilitator.

I work primarily with eight 432hz Quartz Crystal Singing bowls, Inner space alchemy . We work with harmonic resonance, frequency and vibration to re balance the human system on all levels. These sessions are about you having the fullest most optimum experience of you. Space is created and atoms are commanded into right action through intention, frequency & resonance

I am so grateful to work with light leaders, creative souls and change makers as we are awakening to the art of the sacred. I work with people who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their vibratory field, level up, create strong pillars and principles, align with their fullest potential and create heart centred, balanced lives for ourselves and the people around us.  Using these sound tools and techniques we awaken our own sound healer within.

Aligned inspired action is what is required from us all..through intuition, intention, connection, imagination, colloboration & harmonic alignment we can create much more peaceful lives for ourselves

My experience lies in being a bridge, a space holder for transformation, i facilitate Creative workshops, Sound experiences, conscious dance and Cacao ceremonies and offer private sound immersions.  The principle that stillness, movement, sound and creativity are fundamental to our ability to grow and thrive underpins all the work that i do.

​Stagnation is identified, energy is circulated through sound and energy medicine, integration through stillness & silence. We rebalance and reheart and anchor the soul at a deep level 


Coherence and stability in sound are key, we entrain our whole body system into a more harmonious vibration and resonate at our optimum frequency. Aligned, we then affect all around us, our perspective and perception is changed. 

Deep states of peace & meditative bliss can be achieved, the body begins to teach the mind and a state of active relaxation is possible.

Welcome to beautiful vibrational change. Get in touch with me today, i look forward to sharing with you. Step out of time, rest, re tune & rejuvenation. Awaken to your own sound temple. We connect you with your source tone, your home note, awaken the innate knowledge of self, empowering you to be the sound healer you are.

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