Wild Woman Sound Circle Admit 1


Wild Woman Sound Circle Admit 1



We are super excited to bring the wild woman project circles to Oswestry and the beautiful Turiya yoga!

Jooles from Wild Woman Gather and Andrea from The Sound Temple will be opening space in circle for connection and contemplation.

💫 Sunday 12th May 2019

💫 2pm – 4.30 pm

(please arrive a few minutes early to have a brew and a settle)

£15 exchange

We we will never turn any woman away due to lack of funds. Please just message us if you need to x

Please bring a journal, pen, a cushion/blanket and a yoga mat/something to lie down on – we will will be experiencing a sound journey so come with your nest! Xx Be cosy!

Wild Woman Gather is a monthly circle for women to connect around the time of the New Moon and is part of the international Wild Woman Project. The circles have a different theme each month with meditation, sharing and intention setting.

Working with 7 432hz tuned quartz crystal singing bowls frequency, we invite you drop into the balanced harmonics and a deep experience of the self. Through sonic alchemy we learn about our vibrational essence and focus the sound according to the different themes each month, we connect to the whole through intention, connection and sound.

The need for these gatherings had always been here, for both the masculine and the feminine. Reclaim this space for yourself in held and safe sacred space. We are so looking forward to connecting. Together we rise ⚡️✨💫💎💙

What to expect at a Wild Woman Circle (taken from the Wild Woman Project website):

“A Sensuous Sacred Space held by a trained WWP Facilitator with Guided Meditation, Sharing, Intention Setting Ritual & more held on or near the New Moon.

These circles are not associated with a singular path or religion, but rather, an inclusive coming together with women from all paths. We all come from different spiritual/cultural backgrounds and gather around the ideas of: Sisterhood (having each others backs, empowering one another), a respect for the earth (wildness, turning to nature as a teacher) & co-creation (the understanding that just as we co-create our experience in circle, so do we co-create life on earth).

We also tend to be a heart-centered bunch, lots of laughter & tears. We unite under a common theme each New Moon & explore it in our own ways. Each Facilitator brings her own special magic & orientation based her own knowledge and passions.”


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