You are the sound temple. Awaken to your fullest potential.

The Principles


These principles underpin the work here and ensure we identify stagnation, we circulate and move and make space, we then integrate.

The Intention

To fully experience your expanded, most radiant state being able to return and offer light amidst the chaos of life, fully awake, fully aware, fully embodied and fully present.

Get in your unique vibrational vortex, come home to the one heart, feel union fully within. 

A harmonious, safe, sacred space is created for you to fully experience you.

Here we offer Temple sound immersions, alignment workshops, personal sessions, cacao ceremonies, creative sessions, seasonal resonance retreats, Art of Alignment program (coming soon) and movement medicine gatherings are designed to activate these sound and ascension codes within.  

Our focus is well being for all. Connection to the heart/ mind coherence, Inner Space Alchemy, self mastery, balanced harmonics & energy centres, earth care, self care, nutrition, new earth medicine, movement, natural cycles, our ecosystem, hermetic principles & law, harmonic resonance, unity, our connection to the elements and harmonic alignment within & without. In service to eight 432hz tuned Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls & our beautiful Cacao plant spirit, we include breath training, guided meditation, mantra, mudra, Reiki, sonic geometry, clear intention and other sound medicine tools to empower and inform.

Each being is unique and therefore responses are many, i have worked with hundreds of people, no session is the same. however.. many speak of relaxation, grounded, balanced, sense of calm, no edges, blissed.. the brain entrained into harmonious balance, vital force restored, energy increases, brightness is felt and all around you are affected by this shift. As always experience is everything. Discover your home note, rebalance your whole system, come into your optimum vibration. It is from this place we can then manifest and create.

This works on all levels, it is holistic vibrational medicine. Grounding and fully embodying the new. 

As we anchor in these new energies together, becoming all we are here to be i send you infinite love and many blessings for your journey. And so it is. Blessings x

"A life lived in love, means you can never fail" Harry Corder-Greaves

Individual, Private Groups, Public Sound Baths & Meditations, Retreats, Yoga & Sound collaborations,  Celebrations and Festivals, Conscious Dance Events,  Space Clearing Holistic/wellbeing events

Please see below for the many ways to experience The Sound Temple!

Each session is intuitive and i am honoured you have taken time to read, thank you 

Please book a discovery call to talk more! 🙂




When - Monthly
1.5 hours

Come, connect with others, lie down, relax, get cosy and warm, close your eyes, breathe and retune.

Allow the pure tones of the 432hz Crystal Singing bowls to wash through you very being. Clear you energy field and create harmony within

No experience necessary, a great way for busy minds to step out of time for an hour, switch off the chatter, recharge and ease into a beautiful expanded sense of self.

Vibrational Bliss! Leave feeling grounded and vibrating at your optimum level. 

Herbal tea included

£11 -15 per person depending on venue





For friends, family, birthdays, celebrations, a more intimate experience tuned to your needs

Working with smaller groups the sound becomes much more personal if you have a few people and would like to get together this is a beautiful and intimate experience of sound and vibrational medicine. 

Smudge ritual


Cacao ceremony - (optional)

432hz Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Sound bath

Grounding meditation


£15 per person - min 5 people

2 Hours 

£25 per person inc Cacao Ceremony (min 5 people)

2.5 hours

Fuel cost may apply if outside a 10 mile radius



A 1.5 hour personal immersion in the healing vibrations of the 432hz crystal singing bowls, Himalayan Bowls, Koshi Chimes, tuning forks, Ocean Drum and other sound medicine tools. We use the bowls directly on the body and focus on balancing the system fully. Harmonious union within the intention. For individuals/couples

This is the most wonderful gift to yourself. The bowls of course receive as well as transmit, this session work specifically with your own vibration, we use tuning forks and bowls on the body to come into complete balance on all levels.

We work with each energy centre to come into harmonic resonance, we all have a home note, we feel this when we are content, relaxed. We entrain and command all atoms into right action through intention & frequency. Grounded and fully present to the fullness of you. 

1 person £44 

1.5 hours

2 people £55 (£27.50 each)

1.5 Hours



Using Movement and sound alongside the breathe we achieve a full re alignment both within and without. A fantastic combination with Yin and more restorative yoga practices. Savasana is taken to a whole new level!

I have had the pleasure of working with a number of beautiful yoga practitioners combining the crystal tones with the embodied practice and philosophy of yoga. 

As a full afternoon workshop the opportunity to work with the body and sound in this way is highly recommended. Combining Yoga, breath, sound and intention comes highly recommended.

I am always open to collaborations. Please get in touch embodiment practitioners! 



Learn to create with intention! Create a Dream catcher, Smudge feather, Weave a Crystal Macrame pendant, Needle felt whatever your imagination allows!! An afternoon of connection & creativity over tea and cake and maybe a heart opening Cacao?


An afternoon of crafting and connection, tea and cake!

3 hours dedicated to learning and skill sharing. Create a beautiful hand crafted sacred tool for ritual and ceremony, or allow you intuition to guide and freestyle it with the materials provided...the imagination knows no end!

Crafting is one of the most effective ways of getting into our right brain, allowing our innate creativity to flourish. Mindful and heartful creations! As gifts for other or yourself. The intention is you will easily be able to re create these crafts after you leave and hopefully will share with others in the future.

Birthdays, friends, gatherings...


Home Craftanoon  - min 5 people

3 hours 

(1/2 hour set up)

Please contact for prices

Fuel cost extra if outside a 10 mile radius from Llangollen


Space Clearing ritual

All Craft materials and craft to take home

Tea and Cake

Cacao Ceremony is  extra per person 

Craftanoon - In the beautiful 5 metre Bell Tent

4 hours

5 metre Bell tent venue set up - Inc Cushions, sheep skins and lighting

Energy clearing ritual

Intention setting/meditation

Craft Demonstration

Crafting session - Take home your craft

Tea/Chai/Bliss balls

Cacao Ceremony 5 extra per person

for up to 15 people

Cost - Full package

495  + Fuel Cost